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Shopping Search Engine Data Feed Submission

Advanced Media Productions offers a managed shopping comparison search engine submission service for Yahoo! Shopping, Bing Shopping, Shopzilla, and Google Product Search. The service includes product data feed preparation, data feed optimization and ongoing campaign monitoring and reporting.

Shopping Comparison Search Engines

Shopping comparison sites are simplifying life for bargain hunters on the web. They specialize in features that allow consumers to compare product types, products features and pricing at one location before they buy. The consumer typically types in what they are looking for, and gets a list of vendors. The sites often compute sales tax and shipping prices, and show how other shoppers rated the product and the merchant. From there, the consumer picks a product and is taken to the check out of the merchant's web site.

Merchants are benefiting from shopping comparison sites as well because they are having an increasing impact on purchases made in stores. An increasing number of consumers are using shopping comparison sites for finding ballpark prices for products they actually buy offline.

Upscale merchants who usually charge higher prices for items may not do well in shopping comparison sites. For them, a good strategy is to put niche products in the shopping search and look for areas that are not being covered by competitors.

Product Submission

Before a merchant's products can appear in a shopping comparison search engine they must be submitted through a product data feed. The default product rank position in the search results is often determined by how well a merchant's keyword search terms are matching the keywords associated with a product's title, description, and other information provided in the product data feed. Choosing the right keywords in the product titles and descriptions definitely helps with achieving higher placement.

To help customers who browse through the product catalog find what they are looking for, all of the products are grouped into specific product categories such as clothing, toys, computers, home and garden, etc. Most comparison sites automatically categorize products as they are entered into the system. Merchants can also manually select product categories.

Referral Fees

There are various ways shopping comparison search engines charge for their services. Some charge a flat, pre-determined per-click referral fee based on the category in which a product is listed. Other engines use an auction-style pay-per-click bidding system, which gives the merchant more control over the ranking position of the product on the search results page. In both cases, the merchant will only be charged a fee when someone clicks through to the merchant's web site.

The Google Product Search and Bing Shopping comparison search engines do not charge for product listings but there is no guarantee that the products get listed.

Getting Started With Comparison Shopping

A product data feed is the most cost effective way to get products listed in the shopping comparison search engines. Each shopping comparison site accepts data feeds in a slightly different format, using a slightly different naming convention and specification, but they typically include file header, URL, click-through URL, product title, product description, product category, price, model number, UPC, manufacturer name and other fields.

Optimizing the data feed before it is uploaded is one of the most important factors in getting results in shopping comparison sites. This typically is comprised of writing and editing of keyword-rich product titles and descriptions, using relevant keywords for each product and writing and testing of automated product feed scripts. Proper product optimization ensures that products will show up in the most appropriate category and increases the chance that they are being listed at the top of the search results.

Most shopping comparison sites require merchant web sites to comply with a number of basic rules:

  • The products must be offered for a fixed-price in US dollars and ship within the US.
  • The merchants web site must support secure SSL ordering.
  • Product descriptions must be in English language.
  • Merchants must create and submit a product data feed on a regular basis. (e.g. Google Product Search and Bing Shopping requires a minimum monthly data feed.)

Shopping Search Engine Submission Services

Submitting product information to the shopping comparison search engines can be a daunting task for many small merchants and managing the data feeds across many comparison sites can get very time consuming.

Advanced Media Productions offers a managed shopping search engine submission service for product data feed preparation, data feed optimization and campaign tracking and reporting.

Product Data Feed Preparation

The first step in the product submission process is the preparation of the product data feed. Product data feed preparation starts with writing an automation script that extracts and captures all products information from the web site's product database and formats the product information into the require feed format.

Product Data Feed Optimization

The second step in the product submission process is data optimization, product categorization and search optimization. Data optimization ensures that the product data feed is optimized for the specific data format characteristics of each individual shopping comparison search engine. Product categorization makes sure that each product is placed in the most appropriate product category at each shopping comparison search engine. Search optimization includes the placement of relevant product keywords in the product titles, product descriptions and other product attributes to achieve higher placement on the search results page on matching search term queries performed by the consumer.

Bid Management, ROI Tracking and Reporting

After the product data feed has been submitted the rank position of products on the search result page of some comparison sites can be improved through pay-per-click bidding. Merchants who are willing to pay a higher pay-per-click cost usually achieve higher product rankings in the search results.

Campaign performance will be measured and evaluated at regular time intervals to adapt to the continuing changes in consumer search and buying behaviors, competitor tactics and changes in the functionality and policies of the shopping comparison search engines. Through our continuing detailed campaign reporting tools we measure traffic, sales, conversion rates, and analyze the results at the campaign, category and product level and then continually re-optimize the campaign to achieve maximum ROI and profits.

Advanced Media Productions offers data feed preparation and submission services for, Yahoo Shopping, Shopzilla, Bing Shopping and Google Product Search. All shopping search engines, except for Google Product Search and Bing Shopping, use a pay-per-click payment system. Pay-per-click accounts with those search engines typically require a $200.00 to $400.00 initial advertising budget to get started and a credit card for future monthly pay-per-click charges. The budget for monthly click charges typically varies between $400.00 and $800.00 per month.

Contact us or call 1-888-755-5151 for more information.

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