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Do-it-yourself Paid Search Advertising is Dead

Thanks to the continued growth and expansion of pay per click advertising platforms, the day of do-it-yourself advertising is over Continue reading

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Online display advertising – The OpenX Display Ad Exchange

Tweet OpenX is an independent open source software company offering display ad exchange solutions for both advertisers and publishers. In the past the company has focused its efforts primarily on the publisher-side of the ad exchange business with its OpenX … Continue reading

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Google Boost Gives Local Search Advertising a Lift

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Bing are working hard to overcome the hesitance of small businesses to buy local search advertising because selling ads to the millions of small businesses in the US is crucial to their future ad revenue growth. Continue reading

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Control vs. Complexity

Posted on by David

PPC has come a long way from the simple auction based system that GoTo started up years ago. Gone are the days of transparent bid prices (a double-edged sword) and bid jamming (don’t miss that one bit). Bid automation has been rendered ineffective by the almighty Quality Score. A flurry of options have been released in the past couple of years that give us more and more control over our account and how it’s run. But when do so many options for control become overwhelmingly complex? How long before the problems of complexity outweigh the benefits of control? Continue reading

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Should I DKI?

Posted on by David

Tweet One of PPC’s most interesting features is Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI), which lets you automatically insert the keyword phrase users search for into your PPC ads. DKI is a good tool to use to easily get ads that may … Continue reading

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Google AdWords Campaign Optimizer Tool “Invisible” to Agencies

Tweet A little over a month ago, Google released it’s “Campaign Optimizer” tool, which can be used to find ways to “fine-tune your Google Adwords PPC advertising campaigns.”  The tool can be found via a link in the Campaign details … Continue reading

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CPA Ad Networks: Online Ad Campaigns For Limited Budgets

Tweet Online display advertising through static or animated banner ad campaigns has not been very accessible for businesses with small advertising budgets and limited ad creation capabilities. The high profile ad networks, brand-name portals and specialty web sites typically require … Continue reading

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Internet Marketing That Does Not Break Your Budget

Tweet Often clients, marketing professional and business owners I meet at networking events, tradeshows and seminars ask me what they can do to expand their online marketing and advertising efforts beyond organic search engine optimization and paid search advertising without … Continue reading

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